// Please notice, Nurmi is not in operation!

The fall/winter 2015-16 was our last collection for now. This means that we are not producing new collections or selling new styles (and also our webstore is closed). 

// What is Nurmi?

Nurmi is a transparent clothing company from Lahti, Finland. Nurmi creates clothes and accessories where the nordic tradition of minimalism and long-lasting design goes hand in hand with true sustainability.

// Where it all began?

The Nurmi label was established in 2010 by Anniina Nurmi but the story began already in 2006. At that time Anniina was studying fashion design at Lahti Institute of Design. She loved her studies but started to question her career choice: “I wanted to be a conscious consumer in my private life so how could I justify my career in fashion business which is everything but sustainable?”

Soon after that she read a book about long-lasting and sustainable industrial design and realized that perhaps these same principles could be adapted to clothing design as well. This was the starting point of a new era: she realized that she could combine the two things she feels most passionate about: clothes and sustainability.

That followed hundreds and hundreds of hours spend reading books, searching for information online and getting to know the field of sustainable clothing industry. In 2008 she started to write a blog called Vihreät Vaatteet (in English: Green Clothes) about her findings. Through that blog she has gained a wide readership in Finland and the position as a trusted sustainable fashion specialist.

A year went by and she started to think: “I write about other sustainable labels in my blog, I sell clothes made by other sustainable brands in my webshop but as a designer why wouldn’t I test how I can develop a truly sustainable clothing label of my own?” And so the story of Nurmi began.

// Design philosophy?

Less is more. Simple as that. In the Nurmi designs there’s nothing excessive, only the essence of a beautiful and functional garment. We don’t want to be part of the fast fashion system but more so we wish to design garments that will last for a long time as the cornerstones of a wardrobe.

The Nurmi garments are divided loosely into collections but many of the items will continue their life also in the following collections. This is why we don’t think of only one season when designing a new collection. It is more of a continuous process where we improve the existing styles and design new items that will complement the older ones.

// Why sustainable?

Clothes should be always designed, produced and worn with respect for everything around us: the environment, people and animals. For us there is no other way.

Read more about sustainability here.

// Where?

We are based in Lahti, Finland. A quirky little city located 100km up north from Helsinki. Lahti might have a bit of a shady reputation but we love it here and we’re proud to continue the long history of clothing industry that Lahti has been known for.

Our materials are sourced from many different countries around the globe: Turkey, India, China, Romania and Finland. The Nurmi garments and accessories are produced locally in Finland and Estonia.

When it comes to the supply chain, it’s crucial to know everything about it and we want to share this information with you.

// Materials?

We use materials that are produced ecologically and ethically but at the same time are durable and of high quality. The materials we use are hemp, organic cotton, recycled fibers and upcycled deadstock fabrics. Read more about materials here.