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Buy a laptop sleeve, get a free phone case
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Buy a laptop sleeve, get a free phone case

Now you have the prefect change to get new covers for your laptop and phone. These Nurmi E-Leather items are already on -50% sale, but now you get a free phone case when buying a laptop sleeve.

Nurmi laptop sleeves come in two sizes: 13″ and 15″ and in many different colors. Check them all out here.

E-Leather sale

Nurmi phone cases fit to most smart phones as the material adapts like genuine leather. The material in these items is e-leather which is made by using leather scraps. The small scraps are shred into small fibers and then fixes on both sides of a textile core using high pressure water jets. This way a material which normally would end up on landfills is upcycled.

The material is made in UK and the products are cut and sewn in Lahti, Finland.

E-Leather sale


Buy now at Nurmi webstore!

Nurmi & E-Leather

Nurmi & E-Leather

When cutting leather hides there inevitably remains really small cuttings that usually end up on landfills. But these cuttings can be used as a base material of a totally new material! We were really excited to find this material called E-Leather. It’s made by upgrading these small leather cuttings. This is the way it is […]

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