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Enduring beauty exhibition in Tallinn
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Enduring beauty exhibition in Tallinn

Nurmi is part of an exhibition Enduring beauty – Sustainable Design from Finland with the Nurmi jeans. The ENDURING BEAUTY – design from Finland exhibition is an event in Tallinn Design Night Festival events. The works at the exhibition represent the highest quality of Finnish sustainable design, ranging from jewellery to furniture and from bicycles to […]

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Design Forum Shop Doing Good

Design Forum Shop Doing Good

Nurmi is honored to be part of the Doing Good campaign organized in Design Forum Shop. There are showcased nine companies which operate responsibly and do good in their own area by for example using sustainable materials, employing marginal groups or taking care of the ecological and ethical aspects of the whole lifecycle of a product.

“Good design improves the quality of life, whether we speak about the user or the maker of a product. Ecologically and ethically sustainable design is design of the future. It is also profitable. When high-class and sustainable design are combined, the world will become a little better. Even small choices can make a difference.”

In addition to Nurmi the companies which take part in the campaign are: Costo, Homecrafts, Mifuko, Mum’s, Poola Kataryna, Saana ja Olli, Sokeva-Käsityö and Tikau. The campaign is made in cooperation with the Hyvä Teko concept.

The Nurmi products are sold in a shop-in-shop environment at Design Forum Shop. In addition there’s a Doing good exhibition in the Basement Gallery where   you can see a sneak peek of the Nurmi #4 / spring-summer 2013 collection and take a closer look how the Nurmi jeans are produced.

Design Forum Shop Doing Good
//  Open: 15 November 2012–15 January 2013
// Address: Design Forum, Erottajankatu 7, Helsinki