Nurmi 2.0 = RINS

Nurmi 2.0 = RINS

Hi all,

When I decided that it’s time to take a time-out with the Nurmi label I didn’t yet know exactly where it will take me. Will it be a new version of Nurmi label or something totally else?

It turned out that it’s the latter. Something totally else than Nurmi.

So now it’s time to say that there won’t be new Nurmi collections produced at all any more (ok, never say never but at least in the near future). The reason is that I’m concentrating on a totally new business model, RINS (previously know as Rent-in-shop).


RINS offers a platform through which consumers can rent high-quality clothing directly other people’s wardrobes. By paying a weekly fee customers can enjoy using a beautiful garment without the burden of storing, re-selling or recycling – thus bringing the wardrobe to the post-ownership era of fashion.

The concept is now under development but already in July 2016 we will have our first test together with Nudge store in Helsinki.

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