RIP RINS – long live ‘Clothing as a service’

RIP RINS – long live ‘Clothing as a service’

Changes. There has been a lot of them during the past year. At the end of 2015 I took a time-out with Nurmi clothing label which means that we do not design or produce new collections any more.

Since then I have been focusing my time on developing a clothing rental service. During the year 2016 the concept has changed many times as we have been testing and pivoting. The current concept, RINS platform, has been developed into a good, compact concept.

But. I won’t execute it.

I have thought about my role in this concept and in the field of sustainable fashion all in all. I have come to the conclusion that I won’t build the RINS platform myself. Instead, I will start developing these kind of clothing rental services in general.

I want to be part in building a ‘Clothing as a service’ model for the fashion industry and I want to develop new concepts and work towards a systemic change.

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Even though I’m not running the Nurmi clothing label nor RINS clothing rental platform, I’m definitely continueing my work with sustainable fashion!

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