#2 is here!

#2 is here!

Spring is already here and it’s high time to launch the Nurmi #2 collection! You can check the whole #2 look book, but here’s a bit more info about the collection.

Photos: Antti Ahtiluoto

Ongoing cycle

#2 collection continues where Nurmi #1 ended. The Nurmi products are loosely divided into collections, but many of the styles will continue their lifespan from one collection to another. We wish to improve our collection range year after year and the best way to do this is to keep the best items and make them even better in the future!

Novelties from #2

As you can see from the photos #2 consists of bold colors. We have found this amazing leftover pattern fabric that has been transformed into shirts, dresses & scarfs. In addition we will soon launch T-shirts with prints illustrated by Santtu Mustonen and in June the Nurmi jeans will be finally available – can’t wait!

The materials for #2 come from Turkey, India, China and Finland. They are all cut, sewn and finished Finland: jeans in Keitele and other garments in Lahti.

A B & C

All the items in Nurmi collection have a name of their own. The products which were introduced in Nurmi #1 (A/W2011) start with letter A and the new ones from Nurmi #2 start with letter B. This way you will always know when a product has been designed and how long has it stayd in the Nurmi product range.

We prefer to call the collection #2 in stead of spring/summer 2012. The name s/s 2012 implies that the collection would be current just from April to July and after that it’s “so last season”. Our aim is: less seasonal, more timeless!

#2 video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. Last summer we shoot a Nurmi #2 video together with Sugar Helsinki, Antti Jääskeläinen and Julius Salo. Music by talented group from Tampere, Miss Monster Truck. Enjoy!

Nurmi #2 from Sugar Helsinki on Vimeo.