Nurmi & E-Leather

Nurmi & E-Leather

When cutting leather hides there inevitably remains really small cuttings that usually end up on landfills. But these cuttings can be used as a base material of a totally new material! We were really excited to find this material called E-Leather. It’s made by upgrading these small leather cuttings. This is the way it is supposed to be: recycling by upgrading!

First the cuttings are ground into leather fibre. These small pieces are formed into two layers on both sides of a micro textile core. These leather fibre layers are fastened with high pressure water jets (no chemical adhesives used!). Then color impregnation follows with final PU finishing. At the same time leather texture is embossed with a paper template.

Here’s the production process of E-Leather in a simple way:

Usually E-Leather is used for furniture which means that the material is extremely durable and of high quality. The material is produced in UK and the Nurmi E-Leather products are sewn in Lahti, Finland.

So what have we done with this amazing material? Aku phone cases and Akseli laptop sleeves!

Akseli laptop sleeve comes in two sizes (13″ / 15″):

In the Aku phone case your smart phone is safe:


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