Nurmi & zero waste shirt at Taitaja2014

Nurmi & zero waste shirt at Taitaja2014

We were honored to be asked to be┬áthe official partner in this year’s Taitaja2014 dressmaking competition. Taitaja is Finland’s biggest annual event in vocational education held this year in our home town, Lahti, 8.-10.4.2014. The event attracted 41 000 visitors during the three days.

There were 40 competitors at the dressmaking semifinals but only 8 at the finals. Read more about the event here.



This year’s dressmaking competition task emphasized on sustainability: The main task was to cut and sew a zero waste men’s shirt with patterns made by Timo Rissanen and adjusted for Nurmi by Katariina Hirn who studies at Salpaus.

The fabric, buttons and interlining used in these shirts were all leftover materials from Finnish clothing industry.

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The task was challenging as the patterns are something totally different than classic men’s shirt patterns but all the competitors managed to execute the task really well!

Perhaps in the future you’ll see this kind of a shirt also in the Nurmi collection as we are really keen on moving towards zero waste pattern making. Truthfully speaking I would prefer to say “zeroish waste” or “minimal waste” because there is always some waste produced in all production. But the main idea is to reduce the cutting waste significantly.

Another task at the competition was to design and make a bottom garment out of a leftover men’s shirt. These shirts were deadstock pieces from Jousipaita. The competitors found many innovative ways to use the shapes and details found from the shirts.

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All in all the best thing about this kind of competition was not to pick out the winner (who btw was Pinja Heikkinen, congrats!) but to see how extremely talented and enthusiastic young dressmakers we have in Finland!