Christmas wish list: Lots of love & a turban

Christmas wish list: Lots of love & a turban

Have you dreamed of having a cozy Nurmi turban to keep you warm? If you don’t want to burden the environment with excessive amount of unnecessary presents but you’d still like to have a tiny soft present under the Christmas tree this is your chance: We can help you to get your wish to Santa – or just your boyfriend or perhaps your mother.


All turban styles can be seen at Nurmi webstore. And hey, of course you can also wish for something else than a turban!

Send an email to us and we’ll whisper your wish to the person in question. Please fill in the requested details below and send them by email to address store(at), latest 14th of December 2014.

Your name:
Your address:
The name of the receiver of the wish:
Receiver’s email address and/or phone number:
The Nurmi item you’d like to have from the receiver:

P.S. Orders from Nurmi webstore within Finland without shipping costs until 17th of December 2014.