The Story of… Nurmi Studio & Store

The Story of… Nurmi Studio & Store

We have moved to a new location situated in the heart of Lahti, Finland. We found the perfect place were we can fit everything we do: office, workspace, storage and store all under the same roof. The place is located at the Lahti design block, Rautatienkatu 16 (courtyard).


We made the window sills using a new material by a local company, Hollolan Viilu ja Laminaatti. The material is Finnish plywood covered with thin slices of leftover walnut ply. Usually when making this kind of ply surface it generated a lot of cutting waste. Now the company has come up with a new way of making the surface out of cutting waste. The color and shades of the leftover pieces vary a lot but as the surface is constructed out of thin slices the color differences only make the surface better.


Also the logo stands are made out of the same plywood by Hollolan Viilu ja Laminaatti. 2nurmi-stands1


The clothing rack used to be a framework of a tent. We bought it from a gentleman who used to keep his firewood under the tent. The geometrical metal structure is perfect for clothes as well.

4nurmi-store3 6nurmi-jeans3

The walls are painted black & white with an ecological paint which is odorless, plastic-free ja water-soluble. The Greenline paint is sponsored by Coloria.

The white cubes are made out of cardboard. You can easily take them part and assemble again – and as they are also light-weight it’s easy to carry them around to fairs and other venues.


We found a perfect old sofa to our living room from a flea market near by. It must be decades and decades old but is just as good as new. The rag rugs were also found from the same flea market.

8nurmi-lounge1 9nurmi-lounge-books 10nurmi-lounge2

The cutting table used to belong to a school near by. They moved to a new location and wanted to get rid of this table which was exactly what we have been looking for. Finally a big enough table and a place to storage all of our sampling fabrics.

11nurmi-workspace2 12nurmi-workspace1

The office is furnished with only second hand gems. And not only the office: there is only second hand furniture used in the whole Nurmi studio & store.

The electricity we use at the studio is wind power. We try to generate as little waste as possible  – and all the waste is carefully recycled.


On the ground floor there is a compact storage room with Nurmi stock and also piles of recycled trims, buttons and other gems.




P.S. Here you can take a little peek at our opening day on 15th of November:

Nurmi studio & store opening 15.11.2014 from Nurmi on Vimeo // Video by Antti Sepponen