What does sustainability mean to Nurmi?

Sustainable clothes are not just about changing a material to be a bit less harmful or being able to produce a garment with a little bit smaller carbon footprint. “Less bad” is not enough – we need to change the way the whole fashion industry works.

For us sustainability means ecological, ethical and transparent way of designing, making and wearing clothes. It’s part of each and every step of our business such as in long-lasting design, high quality, ecological materials, ethical working conditions and transparent production process.

In order to be truly sustainable we need to think the whole fashion system in a new way: How to build a world where we cherish our garments, treat them as valuables and not disposable commodity? How to move towards a circular economy? How to build new ways to consume based on more just on buying new?

Here you can read more about our thoughts about sustainability:

// Transparency

For us the most important way to make sure the whole supply chain is sustainable is to know everything about it. It’s crucial to be transparent throughout the whole production chain and be open in all business activities.

We spend hours and hours searching for the best suppliers and partners to work with so we can make sure we know as much about the production as possible – and we are able to share all this information with you. You can find detailed information about the production of each garment from our web store.

// Sustainable materials

Polyester and cotton are the most widely used textile materials but also the most harmful materials to the environment. We constantly source for alternative materials that are produced ecologically and ethically, but at the same time are durable and of high quality.

The materials we use are hemp, organic cotton, recycled fibers and upcycled deadstock fabrics. Read more about materials here.

// Ethical production

We feel that clothes aren’t pretty if the people who made the clothes aren’t treated well. All the people involved in the production process need to be paid fairly, have safe working conditions and reasonable working hours. It doesn’t matter if the production takes place close by or far away – the ethical aspects are always equally important.

The Nurmi products manufactured in fall 2014 and onwards do not contain leather. The only animal-based material we use at the moment (will be in the fall/winter 2015 collection) is recycled yarn which contains recycled wool.

We work with local suppliers in Finland and in Finland’s Southern neighbor Estonia. We work closely with all the factories and cooperate only with production places that we can trust.

These are the suppliers we work with:

M.A.S.I. Company Oy (Keitele, Finland)
Gowri OÜ (Tallinn, Estonia)
Uljas & Daughters OÜ (Tallinn, Estonia)
Pierro OÜ (Tallinn, Estonia)
Kiteen tekstiilitehdas (Kitee, Finland)
Tuotenauha Oy (Lahti, Finland)
Laser Cut Studio (Helsinki, Finland)

// Ecological production

We recognize that clothing manufacturing always has an impact on the environment but we want to make this impact as small as possible by paying attention to every step of the production chain. Read more about the production process of each garment from our web store.

// No more fast fashion

We don’t want to be part of the fast fashion system but more so we wish to design garments that will last for a long time as the cornerstones of a wardrobe.

The Nurmi garments are divided loosely into collections but many of the items will continue their life also in the following collections. This is why we don’t think of only one season when designing a new collection. It is more so a continuous process where we improve the existing styles and design new items which will complement the older ones.

// Quality over quantity

Nurmi wants to bring back the old days when clothes were meant to last. It’s an ongoing process where we constantly source for better materials, designs and production methods to be able to reach even higher quality.

// Minimal waste

The amount of textile waste – both pre-consumer and post-consumer – is nowadays huge. We reduce waste by using recycled materials, leftover fabrics and second hand furniture, by carefully recycling our waste, by reducing cutting waste in pattern making and by up-cycling and recycling our leftover materials.

There’s still a long way to the point where all garments travel from cradle to cradle, but we want to do our part in developing the industry towards this.

// Less transportation

We want to minimize all transportation and produce locally but as long as we use materials such as organic cotton it would be untruthful to talk about fully local production. Cotton doesn’t grow up here!

Even though some of our materials are produced far away, the rest of the production chain is done nearby. This means production in Finland and Estonia.

We always prefer shipping the materials by sea or by land. We don’t have a car in our company – we usually walk, ride a bike or take the train wherever we go.

// Loaning, not owning

One recent addition to the new way of thinking outside the box is the Nurmi Clothing Library: From our library you can renew your wardrobe by loaning a garment. Less stuff, more beauty. More information here.

// Sustainable business

It’s not only our clothing production where we feel it’s absolutely necessary to be sustainable. Sustainability is an inseparable part of all our business activities and the core of everything we do.  We want to develop our business in order to really make a difference on a large scale within the clothing industry.

// Happiness

Last but not least. For us sustainability means doing meaningful work with great people. This is what we love to do.