Dear friends, it’s time to take a time-out

Dear friends, it’s time to take a time-out

It was spring 2010 when I launched the first Nurmi collection. With Nurmi I wanted to put into practice the idea of a truly sustainable clothing label where design, sustainability and transparency go hand in hand. The journey has been amazing, developing the label for over five years. But. Now it’s time to take a break.

It has been great to see that there is a demand for this kind of a label – both in Finland and abroad. We have received lots of love and support from you guys and I’m super grateful for all the people who have believed in Nurmi. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to transform this support into big enough sales. We do have grown but still not enough to be financially sustainable – which is as vital as being socially and environmentally sustainable.

During these years I have learned a lot and now I know that there are many many things that can be done better (but one thing is for sure: sustainability and transparency are not something I’m willing to compromise on). With all the knowledge we’ve gained we will now carefully re-think our whole concept and develop it bigger and better than ever. The aim is to think totally outside the box and leave the current fashion system behind for good.

What happens in practice? The current Nurmi fall/winter 2015 collection will be our last collection for now. We will empty our stock during the next months – so now is your last chance to get for example a pair of locally made hemp jeans! The schedule for launching the new concept is still open – we will now focus on building the concept, finding a strong team and right funding.

We will have a lot to do and think when rebuilding our label and I’d love to get feedback from you guys as well. So do stay tuned and you’ll have a change to take part in the development process. And also, I’d be super happy if you’d celebrate the beginning of the new era with us at the TIME-OUT party on 28th of November.



P.S. Want to see what’s to come?

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