Why to blabber about ecology?

Why to blabber about ecology?

I’m constantly considering how to communicate about the ecological and ethical aspects of Nurmi label. Some designers feel that they don’t want to underline the ecology of their label because they feel that it is then categorized as “eco fashion”. And what could be more unfashionable that eco fashion, they might think.

Some others think that there’s no need to tell about the sustainable aspects because that’s already a given. If your label is ecological, why to underline it?

I do feel that the outlook and design of Nurmi products are both really important. And I do not want the clothes to look “eco” (when “eco” equals unstylish hippie capes) in any way.

One aim for the label is to show that it is possible to design a clothing label which is both well-designed and sustainable. That’s the way is used to be and that’s the way it’s supposed to be in the future as well.

But why don’t I just design in a sustainable way and be quiet about it? Why not to consider my label as one of the regular fashion labels? Because there’s a big difference in building a sustainable clothing label compared to “normal” one. If I wouldn’t do this in a sustainable way, I wouldn’t do this at all.

And why it is important to show this? Because the fashion industry is far from being sustainable. And I want to do my small and modest part in building a more sustainable future.

This can’t be done in any other way than to open up the production processes and tell that Nurmi products are made with respect for the environment and people around us. Cause that’s not a given – not yet.