The story of… 100% recycled knitwear

The story of… 100% recycled knitwear

We’re keen on finding always new¬†sustainable material and fiber alternatives. Recycled fibers is one interesting option and we have already been using 100% recycled materials in the Nurmi collection (like jeans and T-shirts) but now we are happy to launch a totally new material: 100% recycled knitwear.


The raw material is recycled knitting waste sourced from European knitting factories and processed into new yarn in Brassac, France. By using discarded waste as raw material of fabrics we can significantly reduce the environmental impact such as water and energy consumption.

The yarn is made out of regenerated fibers: 70% recycled wool, 25% recycled polyamide, 5% recycled other fibers. The wool makes it warm & cozy and the polyamide enhances durability. As the material is recycled it is softer next to your skin than wool normally is but just as high-quality. No additional dyeing is needed because the recycled raw material has been already dyed.



The products are knitted in Tallinn, Estonia by talented & lovely company Uljas & Daughters. Knits are designed where else than Lahti, Finland.

The unisex cardigans, beanies and turbans come in three colors: mustard, burgundy & black. Available online, at Nurmi Store in Lahti & selected retailers.

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