No season sale!

No season sale!

Now it’s official time for summer sales. All stores want to get rid of “old” stuff before fall arrives. Nowadays it seems that there is more sale seasons than “normally” priced periods: summer sale, pre-summer sale, mid-season sale, winter sale…

Many fast-fashion stores renew their entire collections on a monthly basis (at least). As the production phase is so fast stores have to sell the stock with discounted prices in order to get room for new arrivals.┬áBut who says that the phase has to be so fast? Are we just accustomed to always getting something new even when we don’t need it – especially during sales period?

We wish you’ll buy a garment (from us or from someone else) only if you really need it and you really love it. We design and produce the garments in a way that they will last for a long time to come as your favorites!

Most of the styles in Nurmi webstore (not on sale) are the ones which will continue their life in our shop also when this season is long gone. We don’t want to part of the fast-phased fashion system where spring/summer 2013 garments are already “out” when the fall comes.

This is why we do not have summer sales. But don’t get me wrong: we do have many discounted items in our shop – items that are almost out of stock and styles that will not continue in the future collections.┬áThe items which are already on sale will continue to be (loads of bargains!) but none of the new items will have reduced prices.

But don’t worry. If you have waited and waited for your favorite Nurmi garment to go on sale there’s still a chance. You are entitled to receive -20% discount of all Nurmi garments by entering code “NOSUMMERSALE20” to your order. Code is valid until end of August 2013.

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